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We use Silverskin Coffee Roasters
An award winning and 100% Irish owned company

They only roast specialty Arabica coffee beans and are hand roasted in small batches daily. We use a single origin El Salvador from the Salverria family in the Apaneca Ilamatapec mountain range. Honey coffees are semi washed where coffees are dried with the mucilage clining to the outside of the parchment. A delicate roast profile along with the honey processing of the green beans result in a coffee which is reminiscent of the appassimento style in wine. In the cup: A fermented almost winy aroma is evident but not overpowering. The acidity is soft and pleasant.

A buttery mouth feel and a distinct sweetness are enhanced by tea rose notes and a red currant finish.

We strive to serve a consistent and complex coffee to our customers. All our baristas are fully trained and are encouraged in keeping educated with the ever increasing coffee standards. Our organic coffee is served with a choice of fresh organic milk or our none dairy options: almond, soya or oat.

All of our take away cups and lids are fully compostable within 72 days also.

Definitely something to get excited about!

restaurant, bar, wine, lunch, breakfast, salthill galway, prom, food